Safe deposit


provided by UBIB

We know how to secure safekeeping. Your valuables remain safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in safe deposit boxes manufactured by the world leader in the field of bank storage equipment – Robur Safe AB, Sweden.

In individual safe deposit boxes made available by UBIB you may store any valuables, ranging from diamonds and documents to the works of art. For the convenience of our customers we provide a specially equipped office where a customer may workusing the content of his safe deposit box.



we offer:

  • Safety. Your valuables are protected by the round-the-clock guard in one of the largest depositories of Ukraine.
  • Personal approach. You may rent safe deposit boxes of any size ranging from 45x285x490 mm to 340x615x490 mm for a period from one day to one year.
  • Confidentiality. While a customer uses his safe deposit box, no other person is authorized to be present in the storage area. You are not obliged to inform the bank about the content of your safe deposit box.
  • Comfort. The depositary provides a specially equipped office where a customer may work using the content of his safe deposit box.
  • Convenience. You have access to your safe deposit box at the time of your convenience within the official working hours in the premises of the bank located in the very city centre.


Our experts will provide you with furter information and will assist you in renting a safe deposit box.


telephone: 364-34-74