and stand-by

letters of credit

We are very competent in creating conveniences and favourable conditions for doing business. We provide no-loan guarantees on the most preferential conditions on the Ukrainian banking market to our customers.

Our customers enjoy no-loan guarantees for solving a wide range of problems: from obtaining delays of payment and performance of contractual obligations to participation in tenders



No-loan guarantees provided         by UcIB:

  • allow you to realize savings of funds since the obtaining of a guarantee does not require to provide monetary cover as a collateral
  • are promptly processed: the decision of providing a guarantee is adopted within the shortest terms (1–2 days)
  • the most reasonable tariffs: the commission fee for the issuance of a guarantee does not exceed 2%
A bank guarantee is an instrument of securing the performance by the customer of his obligations towards his contractor. According to such a guarantee, the bank, on the instruction and at the expense of the customer, assumes the obligation to pay a specified amount in case of failure by the customer to perform his obligations under the contract.


Bank guarantees provided by UcIB:

  • Payment guarantee
  • Tender guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Performance guarantee
  • Guarantee of credit repayment 
  • and other categories of guarantees

Ukrconstinvestbank may also provide its own international and domestic guarantees


Stand-by letters of credit constitute an irrevocable commitment of the bank in documentary form turned over to the customer. In the stand-by letter of credit the bank assumes an irrevocable obligation to make money payment according to the order of the account holder after the receipt of demand for payment. In other words, stand-by letters of credit are essentially bank guarantees.


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