Many familiar situation when you want to make a gift to the person who has everything. Coins made of precious metals - a great gift for your friends, colleagues and business partners. Coins combine the best qualities of things created by mankind: the value and durability of the precious metal, beauty, art, unique in limited quantities. Subject modern coins so much different that you can always find the appropriate coin for each. Birthday, Angel, professional holidays, gifts for loved women, art lovers and art - gift coin can be selected for different events.

Presented coin, unlike other items, will never depreciate, not obsolete, not deteriorate. The high artistic quality of their implementation will not leave anyone indifferent, and the original and refined cases will surprise even the most demanding of you.

Tariffs of «Ukrconstinvestbank» JSC.for sale memorable and jubilee coins of Ukraine (amended on 18.08.2017.)

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