Розпочато процедуру ліквідації АТ "УКРБУДІНВЕСТБАНК" (далі – Банк) строком на три роки з 06.10.2023 року по 05.10.2026 року (включно).

Documentary transactions provided by UCIB

While negotiating foreign economic agreements, our bankers will assist you in selecting a proper financial instrument for your business and will work out settlement schedules considering the contractor country, will prepare draft letters of credit and guarantees which will protect your interests to the maximum extent.

We offer

Documentary letter of credit
Documentary collection
Bank guarantees and stand-by letters of credit

Аdvantages for the importers:

  • reduction of risks due to waiver of advance payments
  • reduction of legal risks and country risks in foreign economic agreements
  • securing guarantees of making payment to the Seller only in
    case of delivering products in full compliance with nomenclature,
    quality and deadlines
  • possibility to obtain a delay of payment for the product

Advantages for exporters:

  • reduction of risks of non-payment for the delivered product
  • a clearly regulated and prompt procedure for collecting payment in respect of the commodity after shipment
  • a greater competitiveness of the offered commodity due to
    proposals of various payment instruments without increasing the
    non-payment risk