Convenient credits provided by UcIB

We appreciate your valuable time. A flexible system of  convenient credits secures optimal credit conditions depending on your  requirements and purposes.

Together with you, our experts will examine your financial condition and select an optimal credit solution. They will also assist you in raising funds for making your dreams come true promptly and without useless formalities. We apply personal approach to the adoption 

of every decision on allocation of credit resources, interest rate and repayment conditions.

Calculator for predicting the cost of credit
20% per annum
Providing: Mortgage of real estate and / or Pledge of a vehicle (car), the market value of which ensures the full fulfillment of obligations under the credit Agreement and additional collateral if necessary in accordance with the decision of the Collegiate Body of the Bank.
0,00 UAH
The value of the property to be provided as collateral depends on the type of property, the financial class of the Borrower.
Paid in the absence of a previously opened current account in JSC "Ukrbudinvestbank"
Notary services
The cost of services is set exclusively by a notary depending on the type (form) of credit security
Appraiser services
The cost of services is set solely by the appraiser. Contact information for evaluators is available on the official website
Insurer services
The cost of services is set exclusively by the insurer. Contact information for evaluators is available on the official website
Cost calculation is predictive. The calculation is made with the following assumptions: based on the current price parameters of the cost of opening a current account with the Bank (if the account has not yet been opened); based on the fact that the Bank does not use credit intermediaries; from the estimated average cost of services of third parties in the registration of real estate / vehicles) and based on the monthly repayment of the loan in equal parts.
For a more detailed calculation, use the calculator in the format of the xls table (the link to which is posted on this page), where you can enter the parameters based on the services of intermediaries with whom you plan to cooperate and the estimated value of property (possibly other than real estate / vehicles). you can offer as collateral to the Bank).